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Custom T-Shirts

No other clothing item checks all the boxes like custom tees, and our assortment currently numbers over 55 distinct models. T-shirts are to print on demand what a cooling lemonade is to a thirsty palate on a hot summer day. They go hand in hand and represent the best product advocates for on-demand manufacturing prowess, fulfillment capabilities, and advancements.

Gooten has worked tirelessly for the past near-decade to establish itself as the apparel brand’s go-to print-on-demand provider because we recognize that T-shirts are the cornerstone for apparel eCommerce businesses and a starting point of any customer’s everyday outfit.

Offer a mixture of styles with our four short-sleeve shirt types:

  • Crew Necks T-Shirts: Elevate your customers’ casual wardrobe with our classic crew neck tees – the perfect blend of comfort and timeless style.
  • V-Neck T-Shirts: Add a touch of elegance to your inventory with our chic V-neck tees, designed to flatter and delight fashion-conscious shoppers.
  • Scoop Neck Tees: Cater to trendsetters with our effortlessly chic scoop neck tees – a must-have addition to any fashion-forward collection.
  • Crop T-Shirts: Make a bold fashion statement through your designs with our exclusive crop tops, perfect for empowering individuality and embracing the latest trends.


Gooten is your one-stop solution for procuring branded, premium, and classic models the masses love. Champion T425, Lane Seven 15001, C2 Sport 5100, Next Level 3600, Bella + Canvas 3001, Gildan 2000—we offer something for every consumer base, regardless of age, personal style, or fit and shape preferences.

We currently carry models from 17 different brands, but we’re constantly unlocking access to more for our merchant partners.


Check out Gooten-exclusive models we’ve procured from our dedicated apparel manufacturing network:


Print-on-Demand T-Shirts Printing


Almost all of our Print on Demand T-Shirts are subject to direct-to-garment printing technique. The only exception currently is C2 Sport 5100, available with direct-to-film printing.

Our DTG guide provides insights into print expectations.


📌 Special note:

All the shirts we offer at Gooten are 30 singles or higher because that amount is optimal for DTG printing.


Materials Best Suited for Print-on-Demand T-Shirts

Gooten’s Custom T-Shirt selection is a melting pot of exquisitely crafted fabrics, ensuring durability and print quality.

Our tees are 100% cotton fabrics, polycotton blends, or tri-blends (cotton/polyester/rayon).

Some of our print-on-demand apparel catalog’s most common garment compositions include ringspun cotton, airlume combed cotton, and 50/50 or 90/10 polycotton fabrics.


Open-End Cotton

Open-end cotton is the product of a spinning technique that twists the yarn by rotating short fibers. Compared to other methods, such as combing and ring spinning, open-end spinning costs less, making the overall process more cost-effective, and the production speed is higher. The process results in bulky, fuzzy fabric.


Ringspun Cotton

“Ringspun” is a specialized manufacturing technique that elevates the caliber of cotton. The process consists of continuous yarn spinning, twisting, and thinning, yielding extended, velvety threads that produce durable, ultra-soft fabric with increased breathability compared to conventional cotton. The cotton’s texture is smoother and devoid of impurities, which is the goal of the process.

A step further is airlume cotton. The method considers intensive combing before cotton is spun into yarn. The aim is, again, to eliminate impurities from the raw material. Although this process incurs some material loss and extended duration, it uplifts cotton’s value and the garment’s premium properties.

Check out Next Level 3600!


Open-End vs. Ringspun Cotton

Although both open-end and ringspun cotton have benefits, the latter offers more optimal results for DTG printing, as its texture is smoother, ensuring the end print will be more crisp and of higher quality. The ringspun cotton fabric is also softer to the touch, elevating the premium properties of the T-shirt.



A tri-blend fabric comprises cotton, polyester, and rayon. Initially developed as a silk substitute, rayon is soft and has moisture-absorbent qualities, ideal for athletic or athleisure wear. The fabric is light and suitable for vintage-style prints. When printed with water-based ink, tri-blends show natural heathered properties due to the selective removal of cotton color. 

While print results might be less vibrant than other more common fabrics, tri-blends offer a naturally heathered, vintage look. The print results on tri-blend T-shirts might appear less vibrant than prints on 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends, but neither is superior; they’re merely distinct. 

Tri-blend T-shirts exhibit minimal shrinkage compared to 100% cotton shirts, with only a slight size reduction that shouldn’t significantly impact the fit over time.

Check out Bella + Canvas 3413C!


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Eco-Friendly T-Shirts

Gooten cares about the environment. We are constantly looking to assemble an ecologically conscious product assortment that will contribute to increasing sustainability within the print-on-demand industry. Although the journey is not over yet, check out how far we’ve gotten with our current eco-friendly T-shirts.


📌 Special note:

Our eco-friendly T-shirt selection boasts models certified by OSC (Organic Content Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

In addition, Econscious EC1000 is PETA-approved vegan.


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Product Line Diversity

Offering the right product to the right buyer is the key to becoming a trusted brand that customers want to return to. With that in mind, we currently display a wide range (15+) of T-shirt models made specifically for women, and we’re not stopping there.

Check out some of our exclusive women’s tee models:


In addition to the classic short-sleeve models, we also carry a cropped tee model, so do not hesitate to mix up your store’s offerings.



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