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Print-on-demand and dropshipping continue to increase their domain annually as Fortune 100 enterprise retailers and small and middle owner-operator businesses are rapidly adopting the on-demand fulfillment model, recognizing the benefits such as speed to market, low inventory risk, minimal overhead and setup costs, product diversification, less operational complexity, etc. By keeping a watchful eye on the ever-changing market, manufacturing, and shipping trends within the print-on-demand industry and eCommerce landscape, Gooten enables and empowers our enterprise and mid-level merchant partners in their continued growth and expansion, securing access to new revenue streams and business opportunities.

Gooten is the only print-on-demand provider that caters to the scale and unique needs of apparel enterprises and high-growth businesses. Featuring one of the most extensive and comprehensive print-on-demand apparel catalogs in the industry, Gooten offers high-quality garments from top brands. Gooten can meet the ever-growing demand for by-order, customizable apparel via our vast network of global manufacturing partners.

Gooten carries over 140 individual apparel models, each with numerous color and size options. We offer apparel decoration in any combination of front print (including pocket prints), back print, sleeve prints on both long sleeves and short sleeves, leg print, and customized neck labels, starting at a minimum order of one.


We’ve worked diligently on procuring rare-to-find print-on-demand products among our manufacturing network of 30+ partners. If you’re looking for custom apparel models that cannot be found anywhere else, check out these Gooten-exclusive models.


Print-on-Demand Apparel Printing Techniques

Because Gooten’s Custom Apparel assortment consists of a wide variety of print-on-demand clothing, we employ adequate printing techniques to achieve the best print quality results for our merchants and end-customers.

Direct-to-Garment or DTG Printing

    • Direct-to-Garment (DTG) is a method where the printer prints the ink directly onto the garment with specialty inks, which fibers absorb. Learn what to expect from direct-to-garment printing in our guide.

Direct-to-Film or DTF Printing

      • Direct-to-Film (DTF) is an emerging transfer technology that prints designs onto polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film that is transferred onto the garment.
      • It also provides access to the decoration of poly products, unlocking an enormous and previously under-represented product segment in the on-demand space. DTF is the predominant printing technology for several substrates.


Dye-Sublimation or Dye-Sub Printing

        • Dye-sublimation is a heat transfer process that directly transfers the ink on a substrate onto the garment. This is a standard method on our all-over print hoodies and select sweatshirts.


Materials Best Suited for Print-on-Demand Clothing


100% Cotton

Unlike polycotton blends, a 100% cotton garment is, as the term suggests, made purely from cotton fibers. Such garment pieces are durable, ultra-soft, and breathable. They absorb and retain moisture and are heat-resistant. However, a slight disadvantage is elasticity. Because the material is plant-based, the fabric is less stretchy, which may be vital to consumers when determining the proper fit of the model.

Polycotton Fabric

Polycotton blends are popular in print-on-demand as all fleece is usually a combination of both materials. While one of the main benefits of cotton is its breathability, adding polyester offers increased durability, abrasion resistance, and wrinkle recovery properties. The blend retains cotton’s comfort and absorbency while benefiting from polyester’s strength. DTG print quality and permanence of the design decreases as poly content increases.

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