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Custom Long-Sleeve Shirts

Long-Sleeve Shirts are the perfect intersection between your standard tees and hoodies. Available in solid and heather color options, they are easily customizable and serve as a wildcard for apparel businesses with a clear vision and signature aesthetic.

We offer custom long-sleeve shirts from the leading brands in the clothing industry:


Gooten’s selection of long-sleeve shirt models you can find only in our apparel catalog is expanding:


Print-on-Demand Long-Sleeve Shirts Printing Techniques

We use direct-to-garment printing for our entire Custom Long-Sleeve Shirt lineup. More elaborative information on DTG printing is available in our guide for quality expectations.


Materials Best Suited for Print-on-Demand Long-Sleeve Shirts

Gooten’s range of Custom Long-Sleeve Shirts offers a diverse assortment of finely crafted materials, guaranteeing longevity and print excellence. Within this selection, you’ll find long-sleeve tees made from 100% cotton, polycotton blends, or tri-blends incorporating cotton, polyester, and rayon.


Open-End Cotton

Open-end cotton results from a spinning method that imparts twists to short fibers through rotation, offering cost advantages over combing and ring spinning, increasing overall cost-efficiency, and enhancing production speed, yielding a thick, textured fabric.


Ringspun Cotton

“Ringspun” denotes a specialized cotton manufacturing technique involving continuous spinning, twisting, and thinning of the yarn, resulting in elongated, velvety threads that create a durable, exceptionally soft fabric with enhanced breathability compared to traditional cotton, ensuring a smoother texture free from impurities. Taking this further, airlume cotton involves rigorous combing before yarn spinning to eliminate impurities from the raw material, enhancing cotton’s quality and the premium attributes of the garment despite some material loss and extended processing time.

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Open-End vs. Ringspun Cotton

While both open-end and ringspun cotton have their advantages, ringspun cotton tends to yield superior outcomes for DTG printing due to its smoother texture, resulting in a crisper, higher-quality final print, and its softer feel further enhances the premium qualities of the T-shirt.


Polycotton Fabric

Polycotton blends are commonly used in print-on-demand, as fleece combines both materials. Cotton’s main advantage, breathability, is complemented by adding polyester, which enhances durability, abrasion resistance, and wrinkle recovery. This blend maintains cotton’s comfort and absorbency while harnessing the strength of polyester. However, it’s important to note that DTG print quality and design longevity tend to decrease as the poly content increases.

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Tri-blend fabric, composed of cotton, polyester, and rayon, was initially created as a silk substitute, offering softness and moisture-absorbent properties suitable for athletic wear. It’s lightweight and great for vintage-style prints, developing natural heathered looks printed with water-based ink. While print results may appear less vibrant than 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends, tri-blends have a unique charm. Additionally, tri-blend long-sleeve shirts experience minimal shrinkage, ensuring a consistent fit over time.

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